Our Extended Warranty

Is a full 1 year UK / EU manufacturers warranty included?

Yes, the manufacturers warranty applies for the product in the first year, or for some manufacturers such as Panasonic currently have a 2 year Panasonic UK and European warranty.

What is the 5 year Extended warranty?

Our warranty offers an extended period of peace of mind for up to a maximum of 5 years from the date of purchase. Provides full parts and labour coverage for a minimum of two years (three years for selected manufacturers) and a final period with parts only coverage. Applicable to both our UK and EU customers.

What does the warranty cover?

Only those faults deemed caused by manufacture are covered under this scheme. Faults or damage caused by accident, negligence or usage not in accordance with manufacturers guidelines will not be covered.

What products are included?

Most digital cameras, camcorders and lenses are be provided with our 5yr warranty. However for a definitive list please look out for the logo below. This will be shown in the product description where it is applicable.

How do we make a claim?

in the first instance it is best to make contact with us to determine the nature of any fault, (either by email or telephone) as in many occurrences return can be avoided by simply fault rectification. Please have your invoice number, date of purchase and product name available. If a return is required advice will be give as to the next step in the process to get your item assessed. In the event we receive notification from our assessment team or the nominated repair agent that the fault occurrence is due to an issue outside the warranty remit we will contact you with the available options.

How long will a repair take?

Unfortunately we can not offer a definite timescale for fault resolution. This is mainly because we do not have an in-house repair team. Any necessary repairs are carried out by either the product manufacturer or a accredited agent. As a general rule though most repairs will take between 3 and 4 weeks to complete.

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