Cashback Promotions

What Is A Cashback

From time to time a manufacturers run a promotion whereby they offer "cashback". What is this cashback you may ask. Well, in simple terms cashback is money back (usually in the form of a prepaid debit card) which is applicable when you purchase a product.

Who Can Claim A Cashback

With many manufacturers the cashback is only redeemable by UK based customers, so please check terms and conditions of the promotion for validity. Links are provided to current promotions on the top of each product page. The current exception is Panasonic. Their cashback promotion offer is applicable to UK, EU and EEC customers.

How To Redeem A Cashback

Cashback redemption requires you to go to the participating manufacture website and fill in your details, product details (such as serial number) and provide evidence of that purchase (usually the upload of your invoice / receipt). Please note: It is the responsibility of the customer to complete any on-line claim form correctly within the prescribed timeframe and a purchase being made inaccordance with their respective terms and conditions. For those that do not have access to a computer then a postal option is always available.

List Of Manufacturers Promotion Websites

Fujifilm UK

Olympus UK

Panasonic UK

Sigma UK

Sony UK

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