ZY Optics Lens Turbo II (Mark 2) - Canon FD to Sony E mount

The ZY Optics Lens Turbo Mark 2 (Canon EF / EF-S > Sony E mount) is the new updated version of the Mitakon Lens Turbo speed booster adapters. The ZY Optics Lens turbo provides 0.726x magnification and increase aperture by 1 f-stop, whilst offering Impressive quality and superb value, the new improved lens coating offering better sharpness over the older models.

The Lens Turbos allow the attachment ofallows the attachment of older / vintage Canon FD mount lenses (found on older Canon Film cameras) onto Sony E-Mount bodies such as the NEX and ILCE series. The Lens Turbos are focal reducers, focusing the light of a larger sensor lens onto smaller cropped sensors, resulting in a brighter image / aperture gain of one f-stop and a wider angle of view (0.72x crop factor), working like an inverse teleconverter.

Please Note:These are manual adaptors only with no electrical connections. Functions such as autofocus which are dependent on communication between the camera body and the lens will no longer function using the Lens Turbo adapter, so manual operation is required.

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ZY Optics Lens Turbo II (Mark 2) - Canon FD to Sony E mount

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ZY Optics Lens Turbo Mark 2 (Canon FD > Sony E mount APS-C)

Focus length reducer / Speed booster for Sony mirrorless camera

Suitable for Sony NEX / ILCE E-Mount bodies
Adapts Canon FD mount full frame lenses
Length: 30mm
Optics: 4 elements in 4 groups (including 1 ED lens)
Aperture: Increases lens by 1 f-stop
Gives crop factor: 0.72x
Maximum camera format size:APS-C

ZY Optics Lens Turbo Mark 2 Lens, Front and rear lens caps.