Novo Sapphire UV 67mm filter

Novo Sapphire UV 67mm filter. Novo are a new brand of camera lens filters for the professional photographer and filmmaker. The exclusive range includes the world’s first filter to use the amazing Sapphire Crystal optical glass, and the slimmest brass frames at just 2.38mm thick. Super multi-coated with a total of 38 layers, with 22 layers UV cut, 12 layers BBAR ensure near perfect 99.9% light transmittance and optical performance with 99.95 UV block. All the filters are water, dirt, oil repellent and stain, scratch resistant with 2 AF waterproof coatings per side.

The Novo Sapphire 67mm UV filter is a professional, no compromise design and specification, designed from the ground up to surpass the best filters on the market. Unique Sapphire crystal optical glass ensures superior protection and scratch resistance. These filters were designed to take the best features from B+W, Hoya HD, Pro 1, Tiffen, and Marumi, and improve, creating the ultimate, slimmest filter on the market for high end lenses. The Novo Sapphire UVs are available in sizes 49 to 82mm filter thread.

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Novo Sapphire UV 67mm filter - Specification:

  • The World’s slimmest frame, just 2.38mm.
  • Superior brass frame with laser engraved text.
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass, incomparable strength and clarity.
  • 99.9% transmittance and 99.95% UV block.
  • Water & oil repellent, scratch & stain resistant.
  • Super multi-coated - total of 38 layers.
  • 22 layers UV cut on the backside.
  • 12 layers BBAR (Broadband Anti-Reflection) coatings (6 layers per side)
  • 4 Layers of Waterproof AF coatings (2 layers per side)
  • Novo Sapphire UV 67mm filter- Box Contents:

    Novo Sapphire UV 67mm filter in protective filter case.