Nest Traveller NT-6264AK Tripod / Monopod

The Nest Traveller NT-6264AK Tripod / Monopod Kit is a desirable, aluminium professional compact travel tripod with integrated monopod. Utilises the latest CNC machining process to provide greater stability and strength compared to traditional tripods. Patented twist lock legs for fast height adjustment and flexible leg angle position. Integrated detachable leg which converts to separate monopod. Great detailing with a stylish blue anodised finish. This kit comes complete with the NT-630H professional ball head manufactured from aviation grade aluminium alloy with load capacity of up to 10kg. Unlike many competitor tripod offerings the NEST Traveller range comes complete with everything you need; Professional head, stylish bag, luxurious padded shoulder strap, allen keys and Nest 5yr warranty

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Nest Traveller NT-6264AK Tripod / Monopod

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NEST Traveller NT-6264AK Tripod Kit - Specifications:

Model NT-6264AK
Supplied head: NT-630H professional ball head
Construction Aluminium Alloy
Leg Type Twist lock
Maximum Height 1500mm
Minimum Height 265mm
Folded Length 415mm
Max. Leg Diameter 26mm
Max. Load 15Kg
Colour Blue
Weight 1750g
Special Features Adjustable leg angle, detachable monopod integration

Nest Traveller NT-6264AK Tripod / Monopod Kit - Box contents:

Provided with tripod bag, Nest NT-6264A legs with integrated monopod, Nest NT-630H professional ball head