Marumi 49mm DHG Super Circular Polariser Filter, CPL

Marumi 49mm DHG Super Circular Polarizer (CPL) Filter. Product Code: DHG49SCIR. Marumi DHG Super, high quality circular polarizer (CPL) filter for digital photography. Marumi DHG SUPER CPL filters are very high quality polarising filters, aimed at professionals and uncompromising digital photographers requiring the highest specification filter. In addition to the high optical quality and specification of the Marumi DHG (digital High Grade) filter range, the DHG SUPERs filters are easy to keep clean, due to the hard protective coating, and strong water resistance. This makes the Marumi DHG Super series perfect for professional use in adverse / rainy weather conditions.

Whilst other brands and makes of multicoated filters can be problematic when it comes to cleaning, including causing streaking, grease spots and can damage the filter, cleaning the Marumi DHG Super filters is a fast, and painless experience, which will be appreciated to professionals in the field, and those who have experienced cleaning of other filters first hand.

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Marumi 49mm DHG Super Circular Polariser Filter, CPL