Lensse G-Steady Gopro Hero Stabiliser steady system

The Lensse G-Steady Gopro Hero Stabiliser is a stabilising system for GoPro Hero action cameras, balanced, isolated undesirable hand motions. Lensse Gsteady Gopro Hero Stabilizer is from Lensse Silver Edition Series. You can use your IOS, Android phone as balance weight as well as wireless monitor by downloading the free GoPro application from your application store. (Wireless monitor future can be use just for Gopro3 models). Lensse G-Steady features all Light weighted High Grade Aluminum all CNC. This is the light and compact hand held system giving videographer the ability to create smooth videos from GoPro cameras. Filming when walking, running, upstairs, downstairs will be recorded much more smoothly than without stabilisation. It is the most friendly Gopro stabilizer available in the market because it is just 460-500gr with balance weight or your IOS, or Android Phone.

Compatible Cameras: Gopro Hero 1, Gopro Hero 2, Gopro Hero 3. (Wireless monitor feature can be use just for Gopro3 models)

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Lensse G-Steady Gopro Hero Stabiliser steady system

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Lensse G-Steady Gopro Hero Stabiliser system

Computer-aided light smart and compact design
Precision engineering and manufacturing
Engineered to support cameras up to 0.5kg
Wheelbarrow 6 bearing gimbals for smooth rotational
Soft hand-griped foam handle
All parts aluminium CNC milled
Adjustable head unit ( left/right and back/forward)
Adjustable height for perfect balancing 27cm - 38cm
Smart design weight plate enables unit standing alone by itself.
Ultra light stabilizer weight Just 620gr
2pcs Big balance weight ( 92gr)
2pcs Small Blanche weight (42gr)
The weight mounting screw is 5mm
Colour: black and silver

Lensse G-Steady Gopro Hero Stabiliser steady system - Box Contents:

User Manual ( English) , Lensse Gsteady Gopro Stabilizer , 1pcs Aluminium CNC Blance Weight ( 112gr)