Hoya 55mm Pro 1D Digital Protector Filter

Hoya Pro1D DIGITAL 55mm Protection filter. The Hoya Pro1 Digital Protector filters are clear glass, multicoated filters, offering protection for lenses against dust and damage, and reducing light reflection for improved image clarity. Hoya Pro1D filters are some of the best filters available for digital photography. The Hoya Pro1 protectors do not affect the color balance or performance and protect digital SLR lenses from dust and damage, and reduce unwanted reflections affecting the sensors of digital cameras.

HOYA PRO 1 DIGITAL filters feature DMC (Digital Multi-Coated) glass specially designed for the digital cameras, reducing stray reflections and unwanted refracted light to a minimum, and maintain maximum quality. Hoya Pro 1 D Protection filters feature ultra slim 1mm glass DMC multicoated filter glass with an ultra-slim 3mm mount to avoid vignetting in ultra-wide angle lenses.

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Hoya 55mm Pro 1D Digital Protector Filter