White Balance Lens Cap 52mm

52mm White Balance lens cap is not only useful as a standard lens cap to protect the lens, but features a white balance system for setting a custom white balance in difficult mixed lighting, or exacting situations. Fits Filter size of 52mm

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White Balance Lens Cap 52mm

The White Balance lens cap 52mm is suitable for use under all lighting conditions.

General Instructions:
(Cameras may vary on setting custom white balance)

1. Set your camera to AE Auto exposure mode

2. With the White Balance lens cap attached to the lens take a reference photo and save the image as you custom white balance reference, (this will vary slightly dependant on camera, usually through the menu). You may need to set your camera to manual focus to take the photograph, as some cameras in auto focus mode will not take the photo is the image is not in focus.

To set an accurate custom white balance point the camera towards the subjects main light source, or if the lighting is very mixed then the you can take the image from the subject you want to photograph.
The White balance lens cap doubles as a standard lens cap.

  • 52mm White Balance Lens Cap